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Work Experience

June 2022
Role of Ida, who has the case of writer's block when she tries to write her second book
Short film "Turbulence Waterfall" directed by Lola Billerey
Lyon, France

April 2022
Appearance and voice-over, role of an interned woman
Short film "Hystérie" by Loïs Blondeau and Mathilde Vasseaux
Paris, France

April 2022
Role of Lou, a young woman who announces her pregnancy at a family dinner
Short film "Une fois par An" directed by Luna Denoual
Paris, France

March 2022
Role of Inès, a young woman who is on the autism spectrum
Short film directed by Anna Quehen "La Dalle"
Paris, France

December 2021
Main role of Clara
Short film directed by Loéna Pizaine and Maëva Pereira "Lucie",
On the topic of eating disorders for the international short film festival on invisible disability
Grenoble, France

November 2021
Two commercials directed by Ismaël Sadallah for Start Production
Paris, France

November 2021
Appearance in the short film "Deux Soeurs" directed by Sarah Vernhes
Paris, France

November 2021
Role of a model
Short film by Jamal A.D.S (title still unknown)
Paris, France

September 2021
Role of Elena, the protagonist
Writing, directing and acting in the short film "White Flag"
Nice, France

August 2021
Role of a student
Series "The Reunion" by Bill Eagles
Valbonne, France

Voice over of a real estate formation
Formation for ABC Conseil
Nice, France

May 2018
Main role of Hannah, a student
Short film "Catharsis" by Louis Bellissant (ESRA)
Nice, France

February 2018
A waitress
Film "Les Drapeaux de Papier" by Nathan Ambrosini
Nice, France

Psychiatric hospital's patient
Film "Fragments" by Jude Bauman
Nice, France


March 2022
"Practice" dubbing masterclass - L'Éponyme
Paris, France

April 2021
"Introduction" dubbing masterclass - L'Éponyme
Paris, France

April 2021
Audiobook reading masterclass - L'Éponyme
Paris, France

September to December 2019
Acting course - The Unseen Drama School
London, UK

October 2018
Stage Rencontre - Studio Pygmalion
Paris, France

2015 to 2018
Drama and Acting courses - Deus'n Blues
Nice, France

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